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Software Solution

WorldMedic Information & Technology

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    WorldMedic Information & Technology 
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Software Solution



SmartClinic is a Complete Clinic Management System. It covers the complete work flow a GP (General Practitioner) and Specialist Clinics.

SmartDrugstore  Plus is a Complete Drugstore Management System. System Sales, patient records and regular customers shop, the inventory drugs, the drug information system, find the details of each drug for development  pharmacy, with both Stand Alone and LAN

SmartDentist is software for complete dental clinics and polyclinics. Designed especially for dental clinics




SmartVets is a software that meets the requirements of the animal clinic completely.

SmartHospital is a hospital management software. Fully qualified, developed for small, medium, large hospitals and centers.

SmartHospital-ivf is software for clinics or hospitals for infertility and postnatal care.




SmartLIS is a complete laboratory management system. Designed specifically for the laboratory.

SmartSpa It is a software for spa businesses. Designed especially for spa businesses.

SmartDrugstore Sky is a complete network of drugstore management systems. This system is developed by the team to help drugstore business owners with many branches. Able to manage branches




SmartPOS is a complete sales management system. Designed specifically for sales businesses

SmartImage It is a complete patient management and recording software system, complete patient capture software. The patient image archive with unlimited history and descriptions is fully compatible with SmartClinic.